Boiler equipment repair

ремонт котлов

Repair and erection of PTVM-50-10;
KVGM-100-180 boilers
Heating surface replacement
Making and replacement of convective heating surfaces
Making and replacement of nonstandard equipment (pumping stations, building)


Erection of pumping stations of water supply system and their starting up ad adjustment

Монтаж и пуско-наладка насосных станций

Buildings construction and foundation
Process equipment erection and pipe laying
Equipment adjustment
Electric installation works
Starting-up and adjustment
Steel pipe laying (I-V categories)

Plastic pipe laying from Dy 63 to Dy 1200



Steel tanks repairing and erection

монтаж и ремонт стальных резервуаров

Steel tank foundation
Tanks erection (volume from 1’000 to 20’000 m3)

Tank restoring and repairing with its reinforcing







Works of heat insulating making

теплоизоляционные работы

Heat insulating of steam and water boilers
Muffler clothing

Pipes heat insulating






Flue-pipes erection

монтаж дымовых трубFlue-pipe and any complexity fabricated metals making (from h = 24 to h = 150m)Calculations and project documentation making
Foundation for equipment